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Fabric Poetry by Almudena Solana, creates each scarf from nothing…  Because we love imagination! We create one of a kind scarf with extraordinary materials and care from our Workshop. Portable art.  Because each human being is unique and unrepeatable.


Your Story

Let us know what your story is. You can also think of someone you love or any special occasion. If you send us an email to let us know your design wishes, we guarantee an answer within 48 hours that includes a budget and a timeline for completion.


1-on-1 Meeting

 Have a personal appointment with the artist.  Allow us to know and understand you. We will transform that story into fabric. This is an intimate moment that the artist will never share and will only use to create your scarf.


Search for Textiles

The artist begins the search of colors and the best materials from all over the world. The objective is to tell a story, your story or the story of a loved one. We get as excited as you for your scarf to be perfect in a specific occasion and also in the future if you want to hang it on a Wall.

STEP 4: 

Iterative Process

During this time the client may be asked to clarify or respond any other secondary questions that may help in the final shape of the story written with fabrics.


 Final Adjustments

Fabric Poetry will deliver the unique scarf, in a window of two or three weeks after the formal order. 

"When I´m creating a story, I don´t care if I have a pencil in my hand, a computer or scissors; a piece of paper or some fabrics."



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