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I. I believe that art is life.

Art is how we choose to live our life. How we behave, not only with others but with ourselves, with the Planet. A scarf symbolizes this commitment: to live responsibly and in alignment with the choices we make. 

II. To live fully is not about novelty or speed. Our lives are already full, active and intense. We can find joy and fulfillment in our life just as it is. Unassuming and simple, a scarf connects us to the deep meaning of every moment. 

III. The fabric of the world is human. Our story is made up of the threads that define our human potential. Humanity´s possibilities are boundless, which is why art is boundlessHumans and art will always travel together. A Fabric Poetry scarf is portable art that travels with you every day.

IV. The artistic expression in one scarf humanizes every gesture from poetry; it is the complement that embraces and empowers us every single day.



V. Each scarf, as every human being, is unique and unrepeatable. And tells a story. Unique journeys. Unique tales about freedom for authentic and responsible human beings.


VI. Perhaps, one scarf is a tribute to courage, making exceptions and second chances. A tribute to our Planet.



VII. The most exquisite remnants from yesterday and today, from all over the planet, show us that the world is small, equal, and, nevertheless, immense in its beauty. The scarves are inspired by the artist perception of the world around. The inspiration comes from poetry, travel, little things and many conversations.  Each scarf is a multitude of many scarves in one, many united worlds. Portable art.



VIII. The sensibility is universal. Each scarf makes no distinction between genders and is the result of a big curiosity for the adventure of creating a free and personal thought. It is also a deep belief in the ability of human beings to change themselves for the better.  Portable art.



IX. The scarf is the result of lots of questions. It becomes the best friend in our way through an environment that we take care of. It´s also the best companion in the path of effort, fighting, not only for our dreams but also our ideals.



X. A personal and unique scarf is like another layer of skin, ideals of justice and responsible happiness. 



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