One-of-a-kind scarves with a story.

Our Story

Fabric Poetry was born in 2018 to create portable art through unique scarves. Created by internationally known author, Almudena Solana, Fabric Poetry expresses her desire to explore new ways of bringing art into everyday life.  Her pieces reflect her quest to find beauty and intense meaning

in each of our days, no matter how mundane. 

 An author that publishes scarves.

I love to have conversations and transform the essence of a person into one scarf. Everyone has a story worth sharing. This is the sublime part of my work. I mix my journalist background with my love for painting, writing, observation... I always look for beauty and the immense value of small things.

Why portable art? Why scarves?  Because they are always close to you, halfway between your head and your heart. Even when your head and eyes turn, your scarf keeps looking forward. I aim to create a scarf, that is a piece of art, which you can wear with you always or hang on your wall and make it part of your home.

Yes! Life is a trip!!!

I feel like I´m traveling all the time… looking for the best stories and materials. I feel at home everywhere. “El mundo es un pañuelo”,  "The world is small" and is full of amazing people.  You just need to open your eyes.

"When I´m creating, I don´t care if I use a computer or scissors; a sheet of paper or a piece of fabric...

Words are stitches; characters leave threads behind them...  Like words on paper, fabrics can hide emotions or reveal them, make us happy or bereft, reveal the unknown or just entertain us.

Both are disruptive forces with the power to create illusions and tales. 

This what literature means to me; this is why I created Fabric Poetry". 

© 2018 Fabric Poetry. Beverly Hills. California.